Do you know the man who runs Juurikkasaari with an
uncompromising service attitude? May we present: Pasi Keinonen
and the story of Juurikkasaari.

Quite a few people know who Pasi Keinonen is, Juurikkasaari’s firm but easy-going host. He is a familiar sight at events in Jyväskylä, after all, he has organized thousands of events for example 250 weddings.

–I’m always involved in our events myself, that’s how I get to see the whole process from planning to execution. The customers satisfaction to our service is what makes me continue my work, after all this is kind of a vocation profession, the man states. Few people know that for 18 years of his working career, Pasi Keinonen was a metal worker at Valmet.

– I’ve got some great degrees and certificates from there, he smiles at his past. Behind everything is a woman, as was in this change from a factory worker to an entrepreneur. Sirpa Pii-Keinonen, the great love of Pasi’s life, was working as an entrepreneur of her own wedding dress shop at that time. Together, the couple developed the idea of a full-service catering company that would offer its customers everything from outfits to spaces and food. In February 2004, Juurikkasaari became Sirpa and Pasi’s responsibility.

– I was supposed to be Sirpa’s helper, but the work soon took over. In 2005, I quit working at Valmet and haven’t looked back ever since. Later, Juurikkasaari became completely my responsibility.

A customer service person at heart

When Pasi talks about his work, everything he says reflects the joy and pride he feels in his work, customers, and partners. He is a people person who can quickly sense how to act with different kinds of people. Good customer service is everyday fuel and the cornerstone of Juurikkasaari.

– My motto for a long time has been that as long as it feels good to serve customers, I’ll keep doing the job. The love for doing what I do is still going strong.

Over the years there have also been some tough times and Pasi states one must be a little crazy to go into this field of work. The work is done without counting the hours because the important things just have to get done. Pasi’s upbringing has taught him to not give up easily. It’s easy to act in difficult moments when you listen to your own morals. Work as an entrepreneur in this field is a way of life and a great source of joy. Customers, colleagues, and family keep a great balance and give Pasi motivation.

– Sirpa and I are a good team. Sometimes we work together, sometimes separately but always support each other.

Juurikkasaari’s new era

As an entrepreneur, Pasi is a progressive innovator who searches for opportunities to grow and do things better. Juurikkasaari’s Main house and its courtyard have been renovated in recent years.

– Our strength is versatility. In the summertime, we can organize events for up to 1,500 people, and 380 people can sit and dine at tables at the same time. Pasi describes himself as old-fashioned when it comes to customer service. He prefers to handle things face to face or on the phone. Nevertheless, he may still answer the customers e-mail late in the evening.

– I thank them for the message and tell them I’ll get back to them in the morning. I think the customer appreciates getting a confirmation that I’ve received their message. It always warms the heart when the entrepreneur and his team receive sincere thanks for their work. When the board of a large company thanked them for the best summer refreshment days they’ve had, Pasi thought he’d live on that feedback for the next six months. He feels grateful that year after year, he gets the trust of clients to organize events.

Pasi during his free time

In his spare time, Pasi recharges his batteries with family and friends. Even then, the man doesn’t know how to stay idle, but likes to work on his house, be on his boat or go on long walks with his dog. The entrepreneurial family still makes sure to go on a vacation together from time to time. Perhaps the secret to recovering from long workdays is that when Pasi is free, work is not on his mind.

– Acting as the host of Juurikkasaari is an honorable task, Pasi summarizes the idea behind his lifestyle.

Säynätsalo’s Hanna and Waltteri 2021

In the summer of 2021, the wonderful main celebration of Säynätsalo days was held in Juurikkasaari. That year, the honor of Hanna and Waltteri award was given to Juurikkasaari’s entrepreneur Pasi Keinonen and his wife Sirpa Pii-Keinonen, for their meritious work on behalf of Juurikkasaari and Säynätsalo.

“The certificate is awarded for community spirit, cooperation and work to keep Juurikka open to islanders in general, despite financial difficulties.” Said Erkki Keiskoski when handing over the award.

Congratulations to Pasi and Sirpa, you’ve earned the recognition!